Tinned Tobacco - Fox

    Rich Aromatic Blend - This carefully blended tobacco is made from the finest Virginia, rich Kentucky Burley and a touch of Perique from St. James Parish, Louisiana. A cool and slow blurning blend that is as smooth as silk. Great taste with a wonderful room aroma.

The Bankers Tobacco
    Rich Medium Blend - The incomparable aroma of this medium strength tobacco is due to the superfine Havana seed leaf which has been skillfully added to give the flavor of a fine Cuban cigar.

Provost Mixture
    Full English Blend - In this mixture the sweet American Cavendish, which gives fullness and body, has been mellowed by the addition of choice bright Virginia to provide a cool and satisfying blend.

Dorisco Mixture   
    Medium Perique Blend - Pure Perique has been added to a base of coarse cut Virginia mixture to give a distinctive flavor to this hand blended mixture.

The Squires Mixture
    Medium Turkish Blend - This mixture has been a firm favorite of discerning smokers for well over a century. The careful addition of the flavor of Turkish and Latakia tobaccos to Virginian and Cavendish leaf gives this blend its distinction.

Campanile Mixture
    Mild Virginia/Oriental Blend - A mild mixture blended from medium Virginian tobaccos and flavored with pure Turkish leaf. It emodies absolutely no black tobaccos and is a blend which is delightfully smooth and sweet.