Pipe Accessories - Tools and Pouches

$55.00 Each

  Since 1976, Pete has been designing and producing lathe turned wooden bowls, food trays, cutting boards, pierced trivets, cooking implements, jewelry boxes, fitted gun cases, custom martial arts weapons, custom handgun and knife stocks, and also has restored antique cutlery.
  His interest in custom pipe tampers began after finding most local stores carried only substandard imported metal and plastic versions that offered no aesthetic pleasure or visual synergy with his antique smoking pipes. Pete then set this situation aright through his exquisite manual skills and artistic talent.
  Pete’s pipe tampers combine simple elegant traditional representations that use superior quality brass mated with meticulously hand selected exotic hardwoods from The USA, South America and Africa including Bocote, Bubinga, Cocobolo, Gabon Ebony, Birdseye and Flame Maple, Figured Myrtle, Bethlehem Olivewood, Tulipwood, and Figured Walnut. His Deluxe pipe tamper models proudly display a genuine musical instrument grade Gabon Ebony cap, with an internal solid brass pipe pick assembly.
    Each Deluxe pipe tamper comes in a durable display case made entirely from recycled materials to help reduce pollution.
    Pete’s tampers are of superior collector quality, and certain to stir up a little envy among pipe smoking aficionados’ without one.

Handmade Pipe tampers by Eric Zieg.

Copper and Steel tampers $25.00 ea

Sheffield steel pipe tool $22.95

Also available in a black or red casing

Savinelli pipe tool with briar casing $70.00

Savinelli pipe tamper made of briar and brass $65.00

Stainless steel pipe pipe tamper  $15.95

$1.50 need we say more?

Masters Clean and Cure $2.50

Yelo-bowl Bee pipe sweet $2.50

Cork pipe knocker $2.50

Turn any ashtray into a pipe ashtray