Tinned Tobacco - Reiner

Reiner Golden Label Long Cut
    Long Golden Flake - A very special blend of golden Virginia from the USA and from South-East Africa with a little "white" Burley. A touch of Perique rounds out the pure tobacco taste. Long Flake slices, rolled.

Reiner Copper Label
    Professional Blend - A blend with the finest Virginia and Burley Leaf, Black Cavendish, enriched with the extracts of hickory nuts, this blend is first seasoned for weeks on oaken whiskey barrels, then blended with bright Virginia and flavored with tropical fruits. This high grade, slow burning mixture develops the fine elegance of mild, mellow sweetness.

Reiner Yellow Label
    Yellow Star Blend - An exquisite mixture of ripe brown and Black Cavendish tobaccos, ready rubbed, enriched with bright Virginias, Rum-Vanilla flavor.

Reiner Green Label
    Light Aromatic Blend - A mixture of bright Virginias, light Black Cavendish and toasted Burley, a slight nut flavor, crimp cut.

Reiner Red Label
    Light English Blend - A mild-spicy mixture of bright and dark Virginias, selected Kentucky leaves, Cavendish, & a pinch of Latakia.