Tinned Tobacco - Solani

Solani Aged Burley Flake
    Solani Aged Burley Flake - Blend 656- A skillful mixture of three aged Burley's - dark brown Burley from Kentucky, light Burley from Brazil, and white Burley from Malawi - Southeast Africa. A very natural blend with absolutely no additives or flavors - a true Burley blend.

Solani Silver Flake
    Solani Silver Flake - Blend 660- An incredible blend of premium dark red and sweet Virginias from the "Border Belt", light yellow Virginia from South Carolina and dark-fired, spicy Kentucky. Slow burning and because no flavoring has been added this blend has a eral tobacco taste - delicious. Long Flake.

Solani White and Black    
    Blend 763  - A delicious flake with dark Virginia, black Cavendish and Syrian Latakia. This outstanding blend is as smooth as silk and will soon become a favorite. Ready-Rubbed.

Solani X - Sweet Mystery    
    Blend 113 - A wonderful Virginia blend consisting of red sweet Virginias and broad bright Virginias from the best regions in the world. Virginia flake and double-fermented sweet black Cavenish have also been added. A pinch of black currant treated with Bacardi and CocoCream results in a mystic sweet taste with fantastic room aroma. Wildcut, cross-cut and broken flake are combined to make this blend cool burning, long lasting and memorable.

Solani Red Label     
    Blend 131 - This outstanding blend contains selected bright and red Virginias from the "Old Belt," ripe Burleys and mild, sweet Black Cavendish. There is a "Tropical Aroma" from the natural essences and this blend has a sweet and mild taste. A touch of Single Malt Scotch Whiskey has been add to give this blend a special character - delicious. Wild Cut.

Solani Blue Label    
    Blend 369 - A blend with Bright & Red Virginias, Burley, Mild Black Cavendish, Perique. A mild, sweet & natural blend, wild cut.

Solani Green Label    
    Blend 127 - A mixture of broad & very ripe Virginias, double fermented black Cavendish. A wonderful natural sweetness with a touch of apple flavor - nice fresh character, wild cut.

Solani Golden Label    
    Blend 779 - A sophisticated English blend, an extraordinary mixture of red, ripe Virginia, fine Oriental tobaccos & Syrian Latakia. This very mild blend will appeal to both Latakia lovers and those who prefer a real natural taste. Crimp cut.

Solani Virginia Flake
    Blend 633 - A classic flake with bright Virginias and perique. This cool, slow burning blend has a natural sweetness and a wonderful room aroma.