While natural mixtures are unflavored, there’s nothing unnatural about flavored tobacco.  Indeed, the smooth, cool, intriguing flavors of aromatic tobaccos delight many smokers the world over in ways that unflavored tobaccos do not.  The variety of tastes and aromas is unbounded.
    Light and dark air cured tobaccos, primarily Burleys and Maryland leaves, lend themselves handsomely to dry, slow smoking and “marrying” qualities necessary for widely different tastes, flavors and casings.  Steamed pressed tobaccos add moisture for controlled burning speeds and light strength.
    Let your fancy be free in ordering and experimentation.  If you normally enjoy a light tobacco, do not fear fuller flavors for they are not stronger; they are only more of what you smoke for – pleasure.  Investigate the different cuts for varying burning speeds, packing characteristics and moisture contents.  Allow us to help you in the search for satisfaction.  Enjoy your pipe and taste pleasures that non-pipe smokers only wonder about.

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